The Mobile Phone Plan the Big Telco Companies Don't Want You to Know about

By Jeff Gordon

The US Public has a right to be skeptical. After being pushed around and gouged for so many years by the big Telco companies, the prospect of being offered a free service sounds like another empty promise with strings attached. For too long the big companies have prospered by the lack of competition and the insanely high mobile phone and data rates. US consumers were left with virtually no options other than the bleak choice of removing themselves entirely from society. Big carriers left consumers with no choice.

The public's outcry was the impetus for creating In a world controlled by Goliaths, FreedomPop is the "David" of telecommunications. FreedomPop, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, entered the scene in 2011 with the mission of providing customers with a quality alternative to their current phone company. FreedomPop was birthed with the mission that "mobile service is a right and not a privilege." And FreedomPop has made good on this mission, saving consumers on average $500 - $1000 each year on their mobile phone bills. Call it what you will: cheap mobile phone rates, cheap internet or just common sense. Either way, FreedomPop can provide you quality service with inexpensive or free plans. Join Today.

How It Works:

FreedomPop offers some of the best plans yet, ranging from $0 for the basic plan up to $20 per month for unlimited talk & text with 1GB of data. This company believes in keeping it simple. Here's the process:

  • Sign up on FreedomPop's easy form. Try Free Service Today!
  • Enter your address and zip code to ensure you are in FreedomPop's Free Zone.
  • Enter your credit card and check out.
  • Your phone will arrive to your home or business already activated and ready for use.

Insider Tip - You can choose to downgrade to the free plan at anytime within your account without penalty. FreedomPop makes it easy because they want you to enjoy your phone on whatever plan you choose. You can always upgrade to a paid plan if you need more voice minutes or text. FreedomPop is about free choice.

Putting Money Back In Your Pocket

Like the big carriers FreedomPop offers phones and mobile phone service. But that's where the comparison ends. FreedomPop phone prices are 70 - 80% off the big carriers because FreedomPop is able to offer pre-owned certified and fully warrantied devices. In addition, FreedomPop's plans are anywhere from 80 - 100% off from what you're currently paying each month to your provider.

Where Do I Start?

It could be for you, your business, your children or even a gift. If you're in the market for a new mobile phone than consider FreedomPop to be your new provider. FreedomPop offers the top name brands including Samsung, iPhone, ZTE, Nexus, HTC and many others. If you already have a cell phone plan you can still switch over to the free plan and try it out while your contract elapses. FreedomPop doesn't mind. After all, they never require customers to commit to a contract… ever… period.

Start here to get FreedomPop's best introductory offer and take advantage of heavily discounted mobile phones and free and cheap mobile plans.

There's no obligation and you can downgrade to the free plan anytime and for as long as you want. FreedomPop offers easy and fast mobile phone solutions. It takes about five minutes, and the service is 100% free. You have nothing to lose and only savings to your bank account to gain.

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