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Freedom Hub Burst is rated 4.6471 out of 5 by 51.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from great device I agree that this little device is amazing. Although it's much smaller, thinner, and lighter than a phone, the battery life is impressive: nearly six hours of continuous use. In comparison, my smartphone's battery drains out within an hour or two when I use it as a wifi hotspot
Date published: 2014-07-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from excellent device I have had my device almost a year now. Great service. Would definitely recommend freedom pop.
Date published: 2014-07-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Good service for fantastic price. I was one of the last dial-up holdouts. When freedompop offered wi-fi for the cost of dial-up...I couldn't pass it up. I get very good service even with only one signal dot.
Date published: 2014-07-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great price for the value I got Hub Burst for my mother-in-law. She's been using this for past few months without any problem. At where she lives, she gets a full bar reception. I pay only $9.99 for 5GB/month. Since she uses only small amount of data, this is perfect for her and a great value for the price!
Date published: 2014-07-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Hub Burst WiFi Internet The Hub Burst is working well for me. I am located in the third largest U.S. city and receive 4 bars of signal most of the time, occasionally 5 bars. There may be a momentary signal dropout during severe weather (as last night with high winds, thunder and lightning), but the WiFi service is generally quite reliable. At $10/month for FreedomPop Basic, I am happy.
Date published: 2014-07-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Better performance for less $$ I was unnecessarily worried about internet connectivity via FreedomPop. Setup was a breeze and the two times I lost connectivity was easily remedied via a hub reset. All for less dollars - I couldn't be more pleased.
Date published: 2014-07-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Easy and convenience I brought it about a year ago, it is easy and convenience to use. When I went to visit my sister for the weekend I took it with me and was able to use it there.
Date published: 2014-07-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Access I have been using this for more than 6 months, and am quite happy with it. Access and speed are very good.
Date published: 2014-06-20
  • "This #mifi is a gift from god. Love free 4g Internet @FreedomPop4G. #sprintworks? #imshocked…" -alingamp View Tweet
  • "ok, I just verified as well - yes - you sold us this FANTASTIC Evo Design 4G and my wife is very happy with it: The signal she gets in areas that we thought might rank as "Maybe" are "ABSOLUTELY"! So happy with your service thank you so much!" -Jon M.
  • "Today is my one-month anniversary using FreedomPop. Turns out, FP has excellent coverage for all my normal day-to-day locations. So far, I have not experienced any connection or congestion issues, even with my most intense usage, 64kbps audio streaming. The Photon access device is extremely easy to use and the display LEDs are very informative. The web configuration interface is somewhat different from the other 3G/routers I have used, but after some discovery I was able to customize my settings as desired. The Photon’s only shortcoming is that it’s somewhat slow to establish an end-to-end connection from power-up. Keep up the good work!" -JCF
  • "Got my HTC EVO Design FreedomPop phone last weekend, it work great where sprint has good coverage. Will be perfect for our free home phone." -Ted View Tweet
  • "Thanks a Million FreedomPop! There is a power outage at my house, but thanks to your Overdrive Pro 4G/3G hotspot I can still get online!" -Grant M.
  • "Made my first phone call over my new @FreedomPop4G MiFi device via @googlevoice & my iPodTouch4thgen. It was just like a normal call! :) #fb" -Josh View Tweet
  • "Have to say this, your customer service is TOP NOCH! i got all of my problem solved with my mifi as fast it would, couldn't ask more, i am sure the flow will be same with the phone service too." -James C.
  • "@FreedomPop4G My brand new FreedomPhone rocks! Easy setup, good call quality, and a super sharp screen! I'm stoked! #freeyourphone" -James B. View Tweet
  • "I bought this device six months to use when travelling with my kindle fire. I have used it in New York, Boston, LA , Houston and Dallas without any problems. Its great to be able to stay updated with emails and use maps and do something while waiting at airports. For me it was a choice between this and a smartphone (at $30/month) and I have been very happy with this service. I have used the internet without any restraint and not gone over the 500M/month limit. It has also been useful to be able to share the internet connection when I have travelled with someone else or taken a laptop along." -J Aumir
  • "Thanks for the help! The 3G still works on the phone, so it's making a GREAT Facebook and Internet Phone. I'm really impressed with the HTC EVO Design 4G!" -Grant M.
  • "This is an amazing little device. Although it's much smaller, thinner, and lighter than a phone, the battery life is impressive: nearly six hours of continuous use. In comparison, my smartphone's battery drains out within an hour or two when I use it as a wifi hotspot" -Joshua H
  • "Thanks to @FreedomPop4G for excellent customer service." -Rick W. View Tweet
  • "If you're at all mobile this is a no brainer. Just get it." - Rob G.
  • "@FreedomPop4G I got my EVO 4G. Amazing services and features that I didn't expect it to have. Thank you for providing a great phone!" -WebDev101 View Tweet
  • "FreedomPop is probably one of the best companies in existence. Seriously, I dreamed of converting an Itouch to have 3G or 4G internet somehow without having to rely on WiFi, and the fact that it was free. FreedomPop did just that and they're doing even more. The freedom sleeve rocket wasn't a purchase, it was an investment. It's worth the $100, hopefully they will expand one day and everyone has access to FreedomPop's internet, which is just as fast as my ISP, in fact, I'm using it right now. Thanks for everything FreedomPop." -Decimator Omega
  • "freedom pop to the rescue" -Jon L. View Tweet
  • "The FreedomPop Photon is a well designed WiFi hotspot that does what it's advertised to do. It's fairly simple to set up and use. However, the more interesting part of the device is the service that it's attached to. The base plan that FreedomPop offers is 500MB for free. While this isn't much, it's still good for basic web surfing. In addition, their premium plans are priced well." -Roland
  • "Pretty cool. Using my FreedomPop overdrive pro for the first time to connect via 4g in a parking lot. For free." -Karl F View Tweet
  • "You guys are great!" -James B.
  • "The most exciting part of my date last night was when she got me started on @FreedomPop4G and #Ting Wireless." -@MrTerrificPants View Tweet
  • "I have been trying out FreedomPop and so far very pleased with the service. It uses WiMAX which does not have great coverage everywhere, but where I was yesterday had a pretty good connection. Not bad for a Free Internet service." -Mark D.
  • "My Photon is working great, there really should be a point of reference for how small these are in every official photo, like a credit card. ITS TINY! love it and it still runs the same 6 hrs per charge my Clear iSpot does. GREAT work guys!" -Brad A.
  • "Just wanted to drop a quick note. I have had your Photon device for almost a year, primarily for testing of products and for writeups for my website. I am attending a VMware course this week and ran into an intermittent problem where I kept dropping my connection to the remote lab gear that I was working on for the class. Considering that the cost of the course and what I had to buy up front to prepare for the class ran up a bill of over $5000. I stood to lose valuable class time and not completing some or most of the required labs to complete the class and be eligible to take the exam for the class. Taking time to debug the problem with my current internet provider wasn't an option. Fortunately, I pulled out my trusty Photon device and it got me through the class." -Ronald N.
  • "What a GREAT SERVICE. I can't believe I have gone SO LONG without this. NEVER again. FreedomPops rocks." -Gayle H.
  • "Super happy. Just received my mifi fast delivery... already online OMG this is the best device EVER!!!!!! I was worried that it may not work in my area.... so not the case. Glad I joined the freedom pop train, happy customer:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)" -Myrna
  • "Have to admit that I’m impressed that @FreedomPop4G even bothered to reach out to me at all. Most companies don’t care enough these days." -Felix R. View Tweet
  • "I picked up the Photon about 2 years ago to supplement the poor AT&T coverage for my iPhone. I'm on the free 500MB plan and got 250MB for signing up friends. The coverage is based on Sprint 4G and at times is faster than my Comcast network at home. The Photon itself is extremely well made and small enough to get lost in my jeans pocket. I encourage anyone curious to pick one up and try it. The basic service is truly free." -Thumbmaster
  • "Great product amazing price. What more could you ask for?" -David S.
  • "I love this device. Connection is easy and downloads are surprisingly fast. Thank you for creating a service that is affordable and convenient." -Margaret H.
  • "Okay, @FreedomPop4G, you won me over." -Manny F View Tweet
  • "I have been using the Freedom Sleeve Rocket with an iPod Touch 4th gen for a couple of months now. Coverage is a little spotty, but when it works, it works well. Of course I have wifi at home, work and free spots elsewhere, but when those are not an option, this device fills the gaps. It would be tremendous if it worked everywhere, but that is an unrealistic expectation. It has; however, allowed me to use the ipod 4 as a free cell phone in areas where service is available, and it works better than my Blackberry! I am sold and thoroughly impressed. I'd highly recommend this to anyone and everyone." -Glenn G.
  • "Thanks to @FreedomPop4G - I finally have internet on the houseboat. IM COMING FOR YOU REDDIT!" -Justin B View Tweet
  • "@FreedomPop4G Thank you, oh lords of the Internet" - Jake M. View Tweet
  • "Hey, i think this is the best wifi device on the market !!! couldn't be happier with its speed and mobility!!" -Anonymous
  • "Not bad for a free wireless hotspot! #freedompop" -Tejas L.
  • "@FreedomPop4G Thanks a lot! My friends will be jealous that I get free/cheap data every month ;)" -Ali N. View Tweet
  • "I've had their top of the line wi-fi hotspot since August 2013 and boy, was I ever surprised to see how well it works! For a while I was living in a rural area (as far as the Big 3 Cell Providers are concerned, anyway) of Colorado, and I could connect my FreedomPop hotspot very easily, with 3 bars out of 5 signal strength, inside my apartment there. This is an area where T-Mo, AT&T & Verizon are sketchy. A lot of residents there use a local provider by the name of Viaero, through which I eventually had to get a cellphone account as my T-Mobile went into roaming on AT&T. Sometimes. Rarely sometimes. But my wi-fi through Sprint with FreedomPop -- pretty darn good high speeds, & it'd always connect. No 4G out there, but 3G connected flawlessly. I'M SOLD! And seein' what I've been seeing, I'm going to buy one of FP's HTC cellphones, too. Keep it at the free level for now & keep it as a backup / emergency phone. What a deal!!" -Kevin K.
  • "Got my lte mifi, it works great! I just take it with me when I need data. My iphone bill is now less than $10 a month!" -Cheryl B.
  • "So far this is great......If I understand this concept, if I do not want to use the device for a month or two, I do not have to pay anything....This is good for me because I am not a constant internet user…" -Anonymous
  • "@FreedomPop4G IM LOVING THE HOTSPOT IT'S AMAZING!!!!" -Reed M View Tweet
  • "So my FreedomPop Overdrive pro #hotspot came in a day earlier than the tracking info indicated. I spent all of yesterday using it. At work, at church... Sure there are ways for me to, in an emergency, tether with my android phone, but there is just this ease of being able to just turn a little box on and get my tablets and laptop online when and where needed. So far, I've had no issues with #freedompop , granted I've only been signed on for a few days, but the hotspot worked great from the moment I turned it on and it's been working great since. I'm sure that they'll be an occasional issue here or there, I've seen some of the ones mentioned on twitter, but what service doesn't have issues right? Even Gmail goes down sometimes. In any case, Freedompop, good on ya! You've enabled me to use my wifi only devices as they SHOULD be used, since my job doesn't offer free wifi =)" -Eliezer W.
  • "Love my Mifi 4082! Have had it for 1 week. Thank you so much Freedompop!" -Cherise A.
  • "I got home and my internet IS working!!!! I'm glad I stuck with it cause I really love your product. I'm gonna tell everyone I know. I run a computer sales business and repairs. I have already told my customers about your product. We have only one option and it sux. That's why I went looking elsewhere. I know I found the right one and will continue to tout your product. If u see a spike from habersham county in Georgia, it's cause of me. Lol. Seriously though, thanks. Don't ever go away."- Anonymous
  • "Good thing i have a @FreedomPop4G MiFi with me on a long car trip. I would be bored without it." -Ali N. View Tweet
  • "The freedom pop 4g hotspot has been a lifesaver! There's been multiple times I've had to hop on a webex to see something that was happening at one of my customer's sites that needed immediate attention. Thank you for providing a GREAT product!" -David H.
  • "Severe thunderstorms, tornado warning - I've lost my cable internet service. My overdrive pro is on and I'm able to keep track of weather radar. One of just a few reasons that I have my overdrive pro always within reach. Thank you FreedomPop!" - Patrick B.
  • "Got the Overdrive over the weekend it's AWESOME! I have intermittent 4g service so the 3G fallback is great. Thanks Freedom Pop!" -Tracy C.
  • "flipping love my #freedompop freedomspot photon. #freewifieverywhere #hellyes #irecommendthisthingtoeveryoneintheworld" -Sigfried View Tweet
  • "FreedomPop Feedback: AWESOME SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love it" -Anil S.
  • "Margie Motzel Love FreedomPop! I was sick of paying internet prices of the local povider, but was afraid to switch because I thought it would be slow. I have found no noticeable difference in speed, and even stream tv shows with no problem. Give it a try. For less than $20/month,you can't go wrong." -Margie M.
  • "@canadaduane I've had the freedompop photon hotspot for 2 years now, it's been great, saved a lot of money." -Andrew J. View Tweet
  • "FreedomPop Is the Top in Customer Service! When I needed to change my plan to free, because on monthly pay I didn't have enough for my 2 gig plan. I emailed Support and they switched me to the free plan reactivated my device and stopped trying to bill my prepaid card. These guys are the Greatest! -Kenneth H.
  • "I love this portable wifi. It makes my life so much more enjoyable. I would recommend this device to anyone…" -Anonymous
  • "I got prompt, efficient service from their support people." -Jerry R.
  • "Thanks to @FreedomPop4G and @FreedomPopHelp setting up my 3G/4G hotspot. You people are nuts for offering this service at all." -Evan A. View Tweet
  • "Total Earned from Friends: 500 MB the NEW, friends with benefits" -Chris O.
  • "I was Johnny Appleseed, visiting folks who got tech but no internet, whipping out my @FreedomPop4G & leaving them with a craving & a URL ;)" -Joe inMA View Tweet
  • "Check out freedom Pop and save lots of money and have great service!" -Lori D.
  • "Ok, i just got the USB device. So far i am loving it. I work in telecom so i expected a couple of minutes of setup. I was very pleasantly surprised it was true plug-and-play, and on a MAC!.I will keep using it, and believe me if the experience is this silky smooth, i will be telling all my friends and coworkers!" -Juan Z.
  • "My FreedomPop iPod Touch sleeve arrived a few hours ago... It is fantastic! I just works! I connected my iTouch, logged on to the 4G then logged into the sleeve. After that, surfing was fast and easy! I've even used it for cell phone calls." -John
  • "I'm a proud FreedomPop's customer. I started with free internet two months ago. It's easy to join. Check it out you'll love it." -Stanislas M.
  • "I just got my FreedomPop Overdrive. 500mb of 3G and 4G for just $3.99/month, and it has better coverage than my at&t 4G iPhone. Definitely worth the wait, I love FreedomPop!" -Brandon C.
  • "I live in New York City and for the past year I'd been researching alternatives to my $95+ monthly phone bill from AT&T. I live in one of the most WIFI saturated cities on the planet and was fed up with paying a redundant charge for voice and data, two things that I could use over the internet. After much research I found Freedompop...Hurricane Sandy arrived a few days after the photon and when the internet went out, I used the photon with perfect uninterrupted service. Since then, I've done the following things. 1) I paid AT&T a lump sum to get out of my contract with them, also had my iphone 4 unlocked before I did. For a small fee I had my phone number ported out to google voice. Now, I pay an average of $3 a month for 4G connectivity when I'm out and about. It's true that the FreedomPop WIMAX network' coverage is small, but, if you live in an area with coverage you get excellent download and upload speeds" -Ryan H.
  • "I just got my freedom pop Over drive. 500 mb of free data a month, and It's Faster than AT&T's 3G! And I Also have more coverage. Definitely worth the wait!" -Richard H.
  • "I've had the Photon 4G now for about 5 months. It has been a blessing in disguise. When I can't get carrier service on my phone, if I can get a wireless connection on the Photon, it is my best alternative and all at a great price. Thank you FreedomPop for this opportunity!" -Eddie T.
  • "I'm very happy with FreedomPop. Great internet speed and their customer service is great." -Doris S.
  • "Man, it's been a long, long time since woot offered anything of interest. I am loving that woot is offering internet access. I hope that woot will offer more! I have used FreedomPop since the first days they offered it. The coverage is unfortunately limited to just a few metropolitan areas, but the service has indeed been free; and I am glad to hear on this forum that the ridiculous maintenance charge is gone. I have a USB stick and it's worked OK. The speeds (I am in the SF Bay Area) are fairly slow at times, but the stick has worked on my two MacBook Pro laptops including a very old one running PowerPC processors and OS10.4. I also have never been charged for anything except the cost of the USB modem, and I do keep track of my usage using FreedomPop's web page. Thanks wooters for keeping a careful eye on company posters; and thanks FreedomPop for the good answers on this forum. My faith in woot is somewhat restored." -photoagent101
  • "My "Freedom Hub Burst" modem arrived safe and sound. It was super easy to set up. The user interface was very clear and I was able to set a new WiFi password and rename the SSID within minutes. Connection strength is excellent at my home in Seattle (Queen Anne). I'm very pleased with my new FreedomPop connection!" -Kent K.
  • "I <3 FreedomPop! Reliability and connectivity is awesome!" -Melissa M.
  • "Thank you FreedomPop for being the only working WiFi during E3 last week. It saved my butt multiple times since the cell phone networks were just absolutely congested." -Josh C.
  • "I think @FreedomPop4G is ahead of the curve, & the mobile app world is just trying to catch up." -Johnson H. View Tweet
  • "FreedomPop service is used on my laptop during our Ham Radio club meetings. This is an excellent service providing strong signal strength during the session." -Norm D.
  • "These are great people who are trying to do a great service for you and me and the Internet. If you haven't already done so, check them out!" -Clifton G.
  • "I love my @FreedomPop4G hotspot so much that I just bought another battery for it :) double the internetting!!!" -BerthaBlue View Tweet
  • "Just ordered my device. Awesome price and awesome service!" -Stephen C.
  • "Ugh... Comcast internet is down again... @FreedomPop4G to the rescue!" -Ryan
    View Tweet
  • "I love it!! Great price and good service!!" -Andrea S.
  • "Thank you again for your wonderful support and fast lighting speed response! I am extremely pleased with the HUB! In fact, I stayed up all night doing benchmarks with it! I get better (reception) with the hub than with the Photon device. Since I use the Hub as primary gateway for all voip communications, I noticed a big difference in clarity and performance when I switched to the Hub. I am very pleased with the product and I strongly recommend this product to anyone that wants to save $$ and have quality voip communication. The 10GB plan has ample of bandwidth for all my voip communications (except Facetime)!" -Dino Mite
  • "Got my Hub Burst! Loving it." -Tascha B.
  • "Snow covering ground. Power out. Using @FreedomPop4G Overdrive pro. Great backup internet!" -Jarod H. View Tweet
  • "Rec'd my Photon in no time, and setup was a breeze! After finding a good spot for a signal in our new apartment, I was online within minutes. This was critical because I work from home and needed a smooth transition for internet access during our move (as well as an on-the-go option when traveling). Also, I love the informative and easy-to-navigate online account, especially the ability to track my usage in real time. So far FreedomPop has lived up to its promise—thank you!" -Miesha A.
  • "This is a fabulous solution to get all my devices online when I need it. It's fast speeds and great coverage area keep me hooked up! Thanks Freedom Pop!!!" -Annette G.
  • "Thanks @FreedomPop4G for keeping me connected for over a week when @comcast let me down in my new house" -Simon G. View Tweet
  • "I have been using FreedomPop for about 3 weeks now. Before FreedomPop I had Net Zero. I must say that FreedomPop seems faster and receives a stronger single than my previous carrier. I glad I made the switch." -Rich A.
  • "As a brand new Freedompop customer, my feedback is "OUTSTANDING". with much anticipation to get rid of ATT U-Verse and use your service, I am impressed right off the bat. It is refreshing to know that you guys are out there making this happen. Keep up the good work." -Steve F.
  • "@FreedomPop4G Talk about service! The representative helped me to get my 4G stuff fixed! This is awesome!" -Ali N View Tweet
  • "THANK YOU - to all!! You all went above and beyond to help me get my issue resolved and up and running!! Awesome customer service team with a huge shout out to your Twitter person(s)! Great product too - thanks again!!" -Nora C.
  • "Rollover data from @FreedomPop4G?? Roll over up to 20 free GB? This is the best day of my life! Why are you not all signing up already?" -Ryan M.
  • "Setup our FreedomPop today! Lets see how this works! Looking forward to actually having data in emergencies!" -Jon M.
  • "it's a kind of revolution in android devices. great work freedompop team." Umang P.
  • "Would just like to give a quick shout out to Freedompop's support team for helping me get my pre-owned Photon activated and switched to the free 500MB service plan. Thanks for the hassle free experience!" -Darren C.
  • "Enjoying the Internet at Miami Airport (where wifi isn't free) thanks to my new @FreeDompop device!…" -Earl A. View Tweet
  • "Power was out and who was the only one with the "Internets"? This guy .....unless someone else had a hotspot too...sweet anyways" -Dan S.
  • "Thank you @FreedomPop4G & @FreedomPopHelp For getting Uvalde Estates out of the stone age!" -Rodney M. View Tweet
  • "I have the FreedomPop Hub and it is faster than my Centurylink DSL by a good margin." -BJL
  • "Oh,yeah hey thanks Freedompop you guys are the coolest,keep up the excellent work,and Godbless,Yeahhhh." -Darnell W. View Tweet
  • "I have been using the Freedom Sleeve Rocket with an iPod Touch 4th gen for a couple of months now. Coverage is a little spotty, but when it works, it works well. Of course I have wifi at home, work and free spots elsewhere, but when those are not an option, this device fills the gaps. It would be tremendous if it worked everywhere, but that is an unrealistic expectation. It has; however, allowed me to use the ipod 4 as a free cell phone in areas where service is available, and it works better than my Blackberry! I am sold and thoroughly impressed. I'd highly recommend this to anyone and everyone." -Glenn G.
  • "Lightning all around and no internet. No problem when you have FreedomPop. Just turned it on and it works." -Wilton H.
  • "@sportsyelling @butcher98 Only reason I can tweet from bleachers is that I have a FreedomPop hotspot. Has never failed me at the Jake." -@Monte_Colorman View Tweet
  • "Gives me a lot of freedom ....great" -Skip J.
  • "@FreedomPop4G I just got my device! It's perfect for my kindle and your service is free. #nobrainer #blownaway…" -Robert R. View Tweet
  • "Very new customer....had an issue today but FreedomPop solved it quick! You guys are awesome!" -Nathan A.
  • "I'm glad I kept my FreedomPop service after my free trial. The WiFi at Starbucks is so sluggish.…" -Elizabeth E. View Tweet
  • "This is a great company and soon Freedompop will have free phone service!" Ron W.
  • "This thing is awesome. I'm 51 and have been in "computers" and tech for 21 years. FreedomPop is by far the most innovative device I've owned." - Greg
  • "Biggest complaint about all the major (and minor) cell phone companies is the customer support/service. FreedomPop's support is superb!!!" -Lorian G.
  • "@FreedomPopHelp Many thanks for the great tech support call yesterday. @FreedomPop4G rocks!! The 4G speed is impressive." -Ann C. View Tweet
  • "I love this Overdrive Pro. You guys delivered within few days last week. It even work better than my Internet On the Go device. The data costs for are the best." -Marina C.
  • "@FreedomPop4G just got my Freedom Phone! It is awesome!!" -Carson A. View Tweet
  • "Thank you so much for providing Internet at a reasonable price! Will recommend you to all my friends!" -Stefan K.
  • "BYOD IN DA HOUSE!!! This is awesome and would recommend to anyone that has the option available!!!" -Nick C.
  • "Freedompop saved the day. Comcast got disconnected in middle of imp. office meeting. I was able to use freedompop device. @FreedomPop4G" -Ashish J. View Tweet
  • "@FreedomPop4G you guys have a surprisingly good and proactive customer service team" -Matthew R. View Tweet
  • "Carlos was good. He knows his Freedompop stuff and helped me transition to a 3G/4G hotspot device. I drove home from Western MA to Boulder last week and got to see where the Photon hotspot worked along I-80. It was sparse coverage. I picked up coverage in South Bend,IN, and driving through/past Chicago. I got coverage around Lincoln/Omaha. It was mostly sprint 3G coverage on my cell phone otherwise." -Stephen S.
  • "@FreedomPopHelp thank you, I will. And thanks for the quick response. So far my experience with @FreedomPop4G has been a good one." -Mike F. View Tweet
  • "Internet out at work... FREEDOM POP GO!" -@jazzwolf View Tweet
  • "Since I can't jailbreak my iPhone 5, I use a @FreedomPop4G hotspot for on-the-go internet access on my laptop. Check it out! #in" -Tariq W. View Tweet
  • "Big fan of a good product for a great price here in Chicago. I have been using my FreedomPop Router for three months now and I get twice the data of my old Mobile Broadband contract for 1/4 the price! I am looking forward to switching carriers when the Phone Plans are released!" -Cameron J.
  • "Really excited to try out mobile phone product. I have your 3G/4g router for home use/business traveler, that product is just awesome. I'm sure your mobile phone will be of the same quality. Thanks for the opportunity to try out this great product/service." -Ramon
  • "@w6fu great so far. I frequently get no bars on my cell but always have a signal on the freedompop" -Jim H. View Tweet
  • "Now we are talking! Commuting _and_ @FreedomPop4G working flawlessly in Portland!!!" -Alvaro G. View Tweet
  • "Loving the @FreedomPop4G! I can use my laptop in the car while @NicoleWakelin drives!!" -Russ W. View Tweet
  • "@RussWakelin has been using our @FreedomPop4G to get work done while we're driving. I am loving having this when I'm on trips!" -Nicole W. View Tweet
  • "Got mine at the park today - works great! I have an iPod touch and feel no need for an iPhone now" -Jody M.
  • "Editing on a tablet using a #Freedompop for Internet: difficult but awesome. We live in a cool time." -Anni S. View Tweet
  • "My #freedompop device is working fine now. @FreedomPop4G and @FreedomPopHelp provided the extra ordinary support. Thanks!!" -Hide Y. View Tweet
  • "@FreedomPop4G Oh it is great! Thanks so much for doing what you do! #freedompop #internetisaright" -Kyle S. View Tweet
  • "If you haven't heard of FreedomPop yet, you will soon. Free data plan? Game changer" -Charlie H.
  • "Finally got my @freedompop4g hotspot in. Hooray!" -@paul4ta View Tweet
  • "@FreedomPop4G @cbuckser Spread the luv 2 your real friends. I got FP 17 customers just becuz it is a great product I stand behind!" -@minicooper0 View Tweet
  • "@FreedomPop4G Absolute stunning stuff. Kudos!" -Jaseem TS View Tweet
  • "I just started using @FreedomPop4G and I love it. Great internet speed." - April F.
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  • "Great customer service! I Love My Hotspot device works great! Thank you all so very much!" -Patti H.
  • "FreedomPop Denver Downtown is awesome!" -Jim L View Tweet
  • "My life is so much easier now with FreedomSpot Photon,please keep up the great work while I continue to act as your spokesperson @freedompop" -Robert C. View Tweet
  • "If you haven't already, give @FreedomPop4G a try. Really great service. Super disruptive." -Joe P. View Tweet
  • "well after a week of using @FreedomPop4G I love it! I don't use much data when I'm not at home so this is great for keeping connected" -Lance View Tweet
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