100% Free Mobile Phone & High Speed Internet Service

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  • Free Data
    Guaranteed FREE data every month
  • Fast Speeds
    Internet at 4G speeds (10x faster than 3G)
  • No Contracts
    Cancel anytime without fees or commitment
  • LTE Hotspot

    Fastest LTE speeds and nationwide coverage.

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    Freedom Spot - Mifi 500 LTE
    A LTE & 3G hotspot for multiple devices

    Our newest hotspot with fastest LTE speeds — blazing fast LTE at home or on the go.

    • Connect everything — LTE hotspot that supports up to 10 devices at once
    • Nationwide 3G fallback coverage
    • Battery life of 10+ hours on single charge
    • Works with any wifi enabled device
  • Private Phone

    Protect your privacy and anonymity.

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    Freedom Phone - Private
    Ideal for anonymous communications

    Includes a VPN for anonymous Internet browsing, and encrypted voice and text.

    • Communicate Privately — Untraceable calls, text and web
    • Anonymous Internet — encrypted internet and apps usage
    • Online Security — protect yourself from spyware
  • Free voice, data & text

    Learn about the 1st ever Freedom Phone, coming soon to a city near you.

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    Freedom Phone
    First ever 100% free smart phone service

    Save thousands of dollars each year with the world's first truly free phone.

    • 500 MBs free data
    • 200 free anytime minutes
    • 500 free text messages
  • Bring Your Own Phone

    Activate your phone on the FreedomPop network.

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    Bring Your Own Phone
    Get free voice, text & data on your existing phone.

    Switch your phone from your existing carrier to FreedomPop and save up to $1000 off your mobile phone bill every year with the world's first free phone service. No Contract, No Commitment, Cancel Anytime!

    • 500 MBs free data
    • 200 free anytime minutes
    • 500 free text messages

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  • A lot of attention has been focused on FreedomPops intention to give away gobs of data.

  • …the most extreme experiment in low-cost wireless pricing to hit the U.S

  • …throwing a firebomb in the middle of the industry.

  • FreedomPop will give users free data every month… This could be a dream come true.

  • …FreedomPop is offering something that seems too good to be true.

  • …the ambitious startup devoted to bringing freemium internet to the masses

  • …on a mission— to do nothing less than shake up the entire mobile phone industry.

  • Theres been quite a little buzz building around FreedomPop

  • It sounds too good to be true.

  • …it has the potential to shake up the wireless industry as we know it.

  • FreedomPop wants to give you free, high-speed, 4G wireless Internet service. Seriously!

  • …aint no thing as a free lunch? FreedomPop begs to differ.

  • 100% Free Wireless Internet Provider and 4G Mobile Broadband ISP

    FreedomPop is the nation's first wireless Internet provider committed to delivering 100% FREE 4G mobile broadband Internet access. FreedomPop's partnered with leading wholesale 4G Wimax and 4G LTE mobile broadband networks to deliver the fastest high speed Internet available and offer the flexibility of wireless Internet. Replace your at home DSL and cable broadband Internet service today and enjoy the speed, mobility and low cost of FreedomPop's 4G wireless broadband Internet service.

  • What is wireless Internet?

    Unlike DSL and Cable Internet technology that require physical at home or at the office connections, wireless Internet technology, including Wimax and LTE allow Internet access anywhere, anytime, with any device. Connect your desktop, iPad, iPhone, laptop or any device wirelessly, ensuring Internet access no matter where your life takes you. Whether you need to connect to the Internet from home, the office, coffee shop, hotel, or even at the bar, wireless Internet technology will connect you.

  • What is mobile broadband?

    Older 3G wireless Internet technology delivered slow Internet speeds in comparison to traditional DSL and cable Internet connections. However, today's wireless Internet technology including 4G Wimax and LTE deliver mobile broadband speeds equivalent and even faster than DSL and cable. Today, mobile broadband Internet connectivity can replace existing home Internet broadband.