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Protect your privacy from hackers,
government agencies and spyware

Ensures your internet, voice calls & texts are
secure and encrypted

Certified Pre-Owned

  • Communicate Privately
    Untraceable Calls, Text, and Web
  • Anonymous Internet
    Encrypted Internet and apps usage
  • Online Security
    Protect yourself from spyware

Communication Privacy

  • Encrypts communication for voice calls and text messages
  • Uses 128-bit encryption, the same proven encryption trusted by banks and government agencies
  • Enables anonymous internet browsing wherever you go
  • Prevents online marketers from tracking your web activity
  • Defends against data monitoring and eavesdropping from 3rd parties
  • Bypasses any website restrictions and connect to any site online

Mobile Security

  • Protects your phone from viruses and other malware
  • Protects privacy by temporarily making your contacts and all related call history and SMS correspondence confidential
  • Protects information from unathorized use if the device is lost or stolen as well as helps you to locate the device
  • Blocks unsolicited incoming calls and text messages
  • Blocks malicious websites ad fake (phishing) websites, which aim to steal your confidential data including passwords
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