Welcome to FreedomPop APN Configuration

Choose your device type and follow the steps to get the correct configuration. Make sure your SIM is activated and inserted into your device before continuing.

1. Select your SIM type

2. Select your device type

3. Follow Configuration Instructions

Open APN Settings Page
Follow path: Settings > Network Connections > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names*
Path may vary by Android device

Add and Select the New APN
Click on Add or '+' and set as your APN and save. After saving, make sure to select the new APN.

Confirm the Following
You are using your iPhone and are connected to Wifi
You are using the Safari browser

Install iOS APN Profile

  • Download & Install APN Profile

  • Note: For Newer iOS (11.5+) you must go to "Settings" and select 'Profile downloaded', to install the APN Profile.

    Need Help? Check out our FAQ page.