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Choose your voice bundle Pick the cellular voice option to meet your needs! All FreedomPop plans include Unlimited WiFi calls for FREE.
250 Minutes Unlimited Text Messages
Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Text Messages
I don't need any cellular voice minutes, just FREE unlimited WiFi calling! Taxes and regulatory fees may apply
Choose your data bundle
I mainly connect to data over WiFi and use a small amount of data each month to check emails or view maps. Taxes and regulatory fees may apply

Why Choose FreedomPop?

Phone network tower no fees no contracts internet globe
Keep your phone number (or get a new one!) FREE unlimited WiFi calls The largest GSM network in the US No app required
Native cellular voice and text No activation fee No contracts Add international calls, visual voicemail, VoLTE and more!

Have you heard about our 100% FREE plan?

Our Freemium plan includes:
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Unlimited WiFi Calling Use the native dialer. No app required!
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10 Text Messages Unlimited iMessages and RCS over WiFi.
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25MB LTE Great for those who frequently connect to data over WiFi and/or those who use data primarily for maps, email and web surfing.
Order a SIM for the Freemium plan Taxes and regulatory fees may apply

How do I know this plan is right for me?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this plan may be right for you.
Otherwise, click here to build the plan that's right for you.

Is this your first wireless plan? Are you connected to WiFi most of the time? Are most of your messages sent and received as iMessages or RCS? Do you mainly use your cellular data for maps, emails and surfing the web?
This sounds like me - sign me up! Taxes and regulatory fees may apply

How does it work? Order a FreedomPop SIM card, bring your phone and phone number, and receive Unlimited WiFi text messages and 25MBs of high speed data at no cost.

What if I need cellular minutes or text messages? Cellular minutes and texts can be added from just $3. If you typically use more than 100 cellular minutes per month, you will usually save more on one of our paid plans.

What if I need more LTE data? We've got you covered! If you need to use more than 25MB in a 30 day cycle, we will automatically upgrade you to 500MB LTE, good for 30 days from the date of upgrade, for only $8! After that, additional LTE data can be added from just $3.

Have more questions? View our Complete Guide to Freemium Service.

Minutes: 250
WiFi Calls: Unlimited
Texts Unlimited
Plan Price: $15 Renews at $/mo